86 Borders
Delivery Mapping and Customer Communication

Awesome Mapping

“Wow! I can’t believe how cool this mapping tool is! It’s like Uber for our delivery drivers! I never wonder where my drivers are and my customers never wonder where there food is. I used to get calls all the time from impatient customers. Now I NEVER get calls from customers about their food. They can tell where it is and when it will get to them. AMAZING!”

Text Marketing

“The new Text Marketing tool in Point of Success Has already paid for itself. It makes contacting my customer on a moment’s notice easy and affordable. I can filter my customer list and laser target just the area or type of customer I want – saves me from having to do the ignorant shotgun approach to marketing. So far, so good! It’s great!”

Driver Control

“I like to make sure my drivers are doing what they should be – and tracking them has proven to be a challenge. With 86 Borders and Point of Success I can see in real time where they are, how fast they drive, and when they will arrive back at the shop so I can send them out again. It feels like God mode! It’s fantastic!”