Credit Card problem? Windows Defender warning?


  • Credit Cards will not process
  • Credit Card server will not start
  • NETePay looks like it is running but Card Server Not Running errors
  • Windows Defender reports Trojan virus infection of computer – severe

From Datacap Systems – our partner in credit card processing: merchants who are using dsiPDCX – it’s come to our attention that Microsoft released virus definitions today which can potentially identify dsiPDCX as the Win32/Emotet.KMG!MTB trojan. We’ve reached out to Microsoft Security Intelligence to report this as an incorrect detection. In the meantime it may be necessary to restore and allow dsiPDCX via Windows Defender.


UPDATE 4-6-2020: Microsoft has fixed the problem and has released new virus definitions that do NOT include this software. Update Windows Defender definitions to avoid this issue in the future.


Microsoft Windows Defender has falsely identified dsiPDCX.ocx as a Trojan virus and quarantined it. THIS IS NOT A VIRUS. This is one of the software files that enables credit card processing. Several solutions have worked to restore credit card processing. None are destructive so all may be tried. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, please contact us. We can help you.

Follow these instructions:

  • Go to Start > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Security (Left side) > Open Windows Security (grey box) > Open Virus and Threat protection and look for ‘Protection History” and restore any file that is quarantined that looks the same as the picture below.
  • Go Back to  Virus and Threat protection
  • Open Virus and Threat protection settings > click Manage Settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom area and find Exclusions
  • Click Add or Remove an Exclusion
  • Click Add an exclusion
  • Pick Folder
  • First, follow the path to C:\ Program Files (x86)\Datacap Systems
  • Click Add an exclusion
  • Second, follow the path to C:\ Windows DatacapControls
  • Both folders will now be in the exclusions of your scans. See attached pics.

It may be necessary to reinstall this software. Reinstalling Point of Success Order Entry may replace the file.

Reinstalling the DSI Client can help. Click here to download the DSI PDCX client. After download, install the downloaded software.