Credit Card Processing Notice

Why Does This Matter?

If you use Chargepath or the older Mercury Payment Systems Server for credit card processing you need a software update before October 14, 2016.

Chargepath is a Point of Success software component for credit card processing. New MasterCard card numbers (called 2 BIN Series) will not work in Chargepath. Currently MasterCard accounts begin with 5; numbers starting with 2 will begin to be used in October 2016. Chargepath is a discontinued product and will not be updated.

Check Your Point of Success Version

To see your version number go to Point of Success Office Manager > Help > About.

If your Point of Success version is between 2.5 and 2.74 you need a Point of Success software upgrade before October 14 to continue processing all MasterCard credit cards. Software upgrades are discounted 50% for Mercury/Vantiv Integrated Payments merchants.

If you are using Point of Success version 3 through 3.11 you need to move to NETePay processing before October 14 to accept all MasterCard cards.

Current users of NETePay in Point of Success version 3.5 and above need to take no action. Your software will work with the new MasterCard numbers.

More Information

Contact your Point of Success Dealer or Point of Success directly for more information.