You may already have a gift card program, but are you making the most of it? Suggestive selling can pump up your sales in no time! Have a contest for your staff – Servers, cashiers, hostesses, and everyone else who talks to guests. A simple question during the wrap up of a guest experience can do it: “If I add a $5 gift card to your order this evening you can save 10% on the card and have a great gift ready for that special someone, just in time for the holidays.” Use the staff sales achievement report in Point of Success to track your progress. How about rewarding the seller of a gift card a $1 coin? These used to be called “silver dollars” and make a big impression when presented! Use Point of Success to track and redeem gift cards and credit cards through Vantiv Integrated Payments. You already have the software to do it, now all you need is Vantiv!