Restaurant Industry Resources

The Internet provides many business, marketing and restaurant management resources. Below are web sites we believe to be of interest to restaurant and pizzeria owners: offers Resources to Turn Your Good Restaurant Into a Great Business. Visit them now and often!

Jim Laube is one of the authorities pizzeria and other restaurant owners and managers turn to for guidance on important restaurant management topics. Jim is a speaker, writer and consultant, offering his expertise in these areas:

  • Restaurant business success
  • Financial reporting
  • Cost control and profitability
  • Menu design

Information on these topics and many more is available on Jim’s web site

Pizza Marketing Quarterly is an excellent source of marketing and management information to help a pizzeria succeed. PMQ offers a resource-filled web site and a quarterly print publication.

POS Hardware from DGA Houston – Great source for point of sale receipt printers, cash drawers, bar code scanners, small touch screen monitors, magnetic stripe readers and pole displays. provides multi line Caller ID hardware for POS and Restaurant Systems. The leader in Caller ID-to-computer interface hardware since 1992, offers bullet-proof commercial equipment allowing take out and delivery software modules to automatically pop up customer screens.