Pizza POS – Bringing Down the Cost and Improving Value

Forget cost for a moment – What is the real value of pizza pos? Point of sale systems for pizzerias can affect both operations and opportunities.

Improves Operations

Basic operational functionality is a good reason to buy a point of sale system and a common reason why restaurants use point of sale systems. Operational features help by saving money:

  • Take customer orders faster
  • Track of food preparation, drivers and employees
  • Use financial reports to save bookkeeping time
  • Protect cash and discourage theft with security features

Gives Opportunities

Sales improvements are easier and almost automatic when a pos system is used properly. Opportunity features help by improving sales:

  • Track and reward upselling and add-on selling
  • Contact and communicate with customers to increase purchase frequency
  • Analyze sources of new customers – use only the most effective advertising and promotion

Your Pizza POS Knows About Orders and Drivers

All delivery orders are listed on one screen. Color flags show the orders that are approaching their promised delivery time and those that have passed. Meeting commitments keeps customers calling!

Use pizza POS to track delivery orders and drivers

Pizza POS systems include specialized features like the delivery screen in Point of Success.

Specialized Pizza POS Product Pricing

Advanced pricing features give operational flexibility! Our pizza POS offers different pricing for full and partial portion pizza toppings, different prices for lunch, dinner and happy hour, and even an optional delivery surcharge for every item on the menu.

Pizza POS with specialized pricing features

Pizzerias do business differently and require the flexibility of a pizza pos system like Point of Success.

Point of Success Pizza POS is made for pizza restaurants. It can help improve operations, lower costs and improve customer service. Build your pizza business affordably with Point of Success.

Pizza POS – Affordable Software from Point of Success

Download the free demo and see Point of Success in action – Pizza POS Demo