4/2/2020 – Credit Card customers who cannot process because NETePay will not start – Please go to www.pointofsuccess.com/CCDefender for solutions. Call (800) 752-3565 to get help if needed.

Allow Technical Support to connect to your computer:

Does your tech want to connect to your computer? It’s simple!

  1. Press the button below.
  2. Run the software that downloads automatically to your computer.
  3. Give the technician the 9-digit code on your screen.

(For administrative access, please tell the technician the username and password for the Windows administrative user account. NEVER type this information – please give it verbally.

Support Services and Technical Resources

Support services are vital to the success of a point of sale system. Point of Success support services are available in many forms, some offering around-the-clock access.

Local Independent Dealers – Extended Hours and 24/7 Support

Independent Point of Success dealers offer local, regional and national software sales, software installation, training, support and computer hardware sales and service. Many dealers offer extended-hours support and on-site services.

Have a question or problem on nights or weekends? Call a dealer!

See the Point of Success independent dealer list for more information.

All support services are fee-based. Get a support plan in place with a Point of Success dealer now and be prepared when you need help.

Telephone Support Services

Point of Success software experts are as close as your telephone. Telephone support is offered from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Mountain Standard time. Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

For telephone technical support, call (800) 752-3565 or +1 480 497-4004

Support Charges

  • 30 Days Free Support – For new system purchases the free support period begins with the first support call. For add-on, expansion and upgrade purchases the free support period begins on the date of purchase.
  • Per Incident – $89 per incident
  • 6 Month Support Plan with unlimited telephone support and free updates by download – $299
  • Technical Support subscription $45/month – 3-month minimum

What Services are Offered with Telephone Technical Support?

  • Assistance with troubleshooting software problems
  • Information on the use of software features

Telephone technical support services do not include training on set up or use of Point of Success products. Computer hardware, operating system and network questions should be referred to the support services of the providers of these components.

POS Printer Configuration

Point of Success offers easy, automatic out-of-the-box support for many POS printers. See the complete list of supported printers on our System Requirements page. You need to have an approved Windows printer driver installed for your POS printer for it to work properly with Point of Success (see the Point of Success Knowledge Base for details).

Support for printer hardware and driver installation is the responsibility of the printer vendor.

Network Configuration

We recommend the use of the most current version of Windows to simplify network setup. Rarely will manual network configuration be required for Point of Success.

Support for network configuration and troubleshooting, internet access or email functionality is the responsibility of the network hardware vendor, internet or email provider.

Custom Menu Design Service

Complete menu design and set up is available as an additional paid service. Cost of this service varies with the complexity of the menu and the number of items on the menu. Contact our technical support department at (800) 752-3565 for more information and a custom price proposal.

Custom Report Service

Custom report design and modification services are available. Contact Point of Success technical support for more information.

Customer Data Import

If you have a customer database from a previous point of sale system or a mailing list of customers in your area, this information can be imported into Point of Success. The standard cost of this service is $150, but may vary if the file you supply to us is not in the specified format and needs additional work to prepare it for importation. Call for additional information and data format specifications.