• How do I subscribe to the new service? You can subscribe here or by calling 800-752-3565
  • What does the subscription include? The subscription includes:
    • Point of Success Premium 
    • Employee Timekeeping
    • Employee Scheduling 
    • Table and Guest Management 
  • Can I choose which software to use from the subscription? Sure. We will license the software to work with everything. You can use anything you choose. 
  • Does my software need to be re-regístrate? Yes. We will re-register your software for subscription and upgrade it to version 4. Please check that your hardware can handle version 4 here. 
  • What is the process to switch to a subscription? We will schedule a support call to upgrade your software to our latest version and re-license the software at that time. 
  • What happens if I stop paying for a subscription? Your software will work for 10 days with a warning each time that payment is needed. After 10 days it will stop working.


  • Is POSPay PCI complaint? Yes. We follow every level of PCI compliance from the software to the processor. We even aid our customers in education on how to stay PCI compliant at the store level with employees and internal practices. 
  • Will my current rates be matched if I join POSPay? Most Likely. We make every effort to match your processing rates of previous vendors, however, sometimes we cannot. 
  • If POSPay cannot match my processing rates am I allowed to use another processor? No. By excluding other processors from our development map we ensure that we spend our time making the product the best it can be. 
  • I am currently using an outside processing vendor. Will I be forced to switch? No. You currently have a relationship with your vendor and most likely a term that must be adhered too. We would like to win your business if possible. Please call us at 800-752-3565 or get a rate quote here.
  • Can I switch to another outside processor? No. We allow anyone to switch processors to POSPay or stay with their current processing. Dealers, Agents or anyone supporting our software will not allow you to change your processing relationship from its current processor unless it is moving to POSPay. 
  • What services are included with POSPay?  Our offerings are always updating to include more valuable features that save you money and time. Currently, this offering includes: 
    • One phone number for everything support, hardware, software, and processing.
    • POSPay Gift Card processing
    • Free Check Presenters and Card Brand Logos
    • No NETePay Charges
    • PCI Guidance – Always be compliant 
    • Free Online Portal for transactions, statements, etc, via mobile or web. 
    • No Early Termination Fee (30-days notice required)
    • Coming Soon: Cash Discount – Share your processing costs with your patrons.


  • Can I pay my dealer for the subscription price? No. All subscriptions are through our Headquarters (HQ) Office. 800-752-3565.
  • I currently pay support to my dealer. Is my subscription included in this fee? No. Dealer Support is only for those customers who wish to have another level of support that is more immediate. Your subscription includes our regular support hours.
  • I am currently on a lease program with my dealer. Is my subscription included in this program? No. All subscriptions are outside of any current lease program unless your lease program began with Headquarters (HQ) after January 2020.
  • If subscription includes support and upgrades, do I still need support from my dealer? Maybe. Dealers offer a level of support that is much more tailored than Headquarters (HQ) support. Also, if you purchased hardware from your dealer, then only your dealer will know the specifics of that hardware.


  • I do not want a subscription, what are my options? We understand. We have a knowledge base of information available on our website. This will be populated with all our new information on our current versions of the software. Older version support will not be included.
  • I want to keep using my older version and not to upgrade. Can I? No. There are many reasons why we cannot support a legacy version of the software but the most important is training. Our staff is consistently training on the latest technologies we release. These new versions security features and protection, correct past bugs and include new features that enhance your software.