How To Upsell Using Your Restaurant POS

In many restaurants the point of sale system is rarely used beyond its basic cash register functions. It’s true that restaurant POS software can help serve customers faster and improve operations, but a point of sale system can also help create more sales!

If an owner or manager is committed to increasing sales the POS system is the perfect tool to make that happen. Here’s how to do it in Point of Success:

  1. Pick one or a few products to target with your upselling efforts. The upsell product focus can change from time to time, but keep the number of products small and your focus laser-sharp.
  2. Choose areas of your menu where an upselling offer makes sense for your targeted products. Good examples are extra cheese on a pizza, dipping sauce for bread sticks, and a warm chocolate chip cookie with kids meals.
  3. Create menu shapes with text captions to catch your staff’s attention. Highlighting current upsell products can walk your staff through suggestive selling.
  4. Train your staff how to offer the upsell item in an appetizing way. Will “Would you like to try one of our warm chocolate chip cookies with your chicken strips?” sell more cookies than “Would you like a cookie with that?”
  5. Track and reward your staff’s upselling achievements! An exciting contest atmosphere with a weekly prize for the highest achiever keeps your upselling efforts front-and-center in the restaurant.

Saving the portions of your menu where you created your upsell reminders to the Inactive Menu section in the menu designer lets you quickly bring back previous upsell products to your live menu. The Product Sales Achievement by Staff report is designed to help you track upselling for each server or customer service staff member.