Point of Success – Here for you!!!

Tough times call for tough decisions! A dream for many Americans is to own a business because ownership shows your community and others personal your drive and your ability to overcome challenges. In addition for many of us, our nation is protected from world realities, that others in the world find normal, such as outbreaks and scares that drive people indoors. Since the lockdown in many of our communities and states, we have seen two types of attitudes, those that will ‘wait it out’ and those that will ‘fight for everything they have’. If you are waiting this out, please consider changing your mindset.

We have seen awesome trends in our customer base. Those customers that have adapted to these times quickly are still producing 80% of the revenues they had in previous months and the lucky ones are doing better than before the crisis. If your business qualifies as one that can be open and serving the public then you should be doing just that. Remember the old motivational sayings…those who act fast are the winner! Now is your chance to set an example for your community and those who count on you. Follow the leaders and open your doors for online, takeout and curbside ordering. By doing so, you are telling the world that others can wait for subsides but you are going to provide now; for your employees, for your patrons; and for your personal drive that says ‘I can and will do this’.
At Point of Success, we are here to help you in every way we can. We are offering deferred payments on online ordering (get online at no cost) and we are supporting our merchants with extended hours at no cost. We are also getting the success stories from others and broadcasting them to everyone who will listen. Our new resources page lists valuable links to get loans and to help you survive. We are also giving away our consulting services to give you even more ideas on how to compete. Please, take a minute and visit www.pointofsucess.com – we are adapting just like you are. If no one else will lead, then we will! To us that is the point of success, pun intended.