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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions. Please visit our knowledgebase section for a much more comprehensive list of solutions to common issues.

There are three main causes when this error occurs:

  • Arsenal Database needs to be restarted. Often the simplest and easiest solution to this issues is to Restart the Server and the workstations.
  • A physical connection issue as occurred. Make sure the affected computer is connected to the network. Check all cables and connections.
  • Windows Firewall or third party software is blocking ports 22007-22010. Temporarily disable the Windows firewall as well as any third party anti-virus. If connection to the database is restored that allow the Point of Success Software thru.

Yes! Click here to download our guide. It explains how to properly move the Database server. Be sure to carefully follow the guide to ensure there is no data corruption.

In order to open a till, you must first enable a cash drawer:

  • Navigate to Order Entry>Manager>Workstation Setup>Cash Drawer.
  • Enable a cash drawer.
  • Return to Order Entry>Manager>Tills and Banks.
  • Choose the New button.
  • Select Till, enter opening cash amount.
  • Choose to leave the till “Not Assigned” or assign to a staff member.
  • Return to the main screen for Order Entry.

To open a server or driver bank, repeat the procedure above starting with step #3.  NOTE:  Enabling a cash drawer is not required to operate a server bank or driver bank.

Building a menu is very easy once a few key principles are understood.  Here is a link to the instructional videos.

Remote Support Download Links

Point of Success uses Splashtop and AnyDesk for remote support access. Click the logo below to download.

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