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The Best Value in Training is FREE!

Point of Solutions, an independent Point of Success dealer in Washington, offers a very inclusive training video library. For a limited time you can access their training videos at no charge! From servers to managers to cashiers, there’s something here for everyone! See their web site at https://www.pointofsolutions.net/training-employee.html to access their free Point of Success video […]

Credit Card Processing Notice

Why Does This Matter? If you use Chargepath or the older Mercury Payment Systems Server for credit card processing you need a software update before October 14, 2016. Chargepath is a Point of Success software component for credit card processing. New MasterCard card numbers (called 2 BIN Series) will not work in Chargepath. Currently MasterCard […]

New Product: Point of Success Dashboard

Ever Wish You Could See Financial Results Wherever You Are? Point of Success Dashboard gives you access to a variety of financial information from your restaurant. Dashboard works with Point of Success restaurant point of sale software and gives you current operational information anywhere at any time. For All Restaurants: Small to Large , One […]

Windows 10 Compatibility

Beginning July 29 most users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 could begin upgrading to Windows 10 free of charge. By the end of July, only three days into the release, 14 million computers were already running the new operating system. Should You Upgrade to Windows 10? Windows 10 is fully supported for […]

What Is a Data Backup and Why Do I Need It?

The two most important protections you can give your restaurant point of sale system are: Frequent data backups An uninterruptible power supply A database backup is a copy of your point of sale system’s data files. Point of Success makes an automatic database backup every day with the most recent 50 backups stored on the local […]

How To Upsell Using Your Restaurant POS

In many restaurants the point of sale system is rarely used beyond its basic cash register functions. It’s true that restaurant POS software can help serve customers faster and improve operations, but a point of sale system can also help create more sales! If an owner or manager is committed to increasing sales the POS […]