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Go Live Sheet

Restaurant Name_____________________________________


Order Url___________________________________________

Please Verify the following information has been completed and is correct.  Use the Restaurant Setup Form. If information is not on the setup form, contact restaurant to get information.  RESTAURANT CANNOT GO LIVE UNTIL ALL HAS BEEN COMPLETED

All Stores:                               Delivery Stores:

__Store Hours                         __Delivery Hours

__Service Fee                         __Delivery Radius

__Payment Grid                      __Default Delivery/Delivery = Yes

__Banner/Template               __Delivery Fee

__Pickup Time                        __ Delivery Minimum

__Sales Tax                             __Delivery Time in Minutes

__Restaurant colors                __ Time Zone

__Icon Image                          __ Input Delivery Map if required

__Available/Activated= True

__Look on location picker to see that it is available

__Look on restaurant website to see if link is available

__Look at Previous orders, and make sure a credit card order was sent successfully

__Look at front end and click around, make sure everything looks good; including colors, button types, full menu is available

__Send final test order w/credit card, make sure to get care voided

__ Create User Account for GimmeGrub & enter credentials on Insightly

Signature_____________________________________   Date __________________