What Is a Data Backup and Why Do I Need It?

The two most important protections you can give your restaurant point of sale system are:

  1. Frequent data backups
  2. An uninterruptible power supply

A database backup is a copy of your point of sale system’s data files. Point of Success makes an automatic database backup every day with the most recent 50 backups stored on the local hard disk drive on the server computer. This is a great feature to have but it is not sufficient to fully protect your data.

To have complete protection from loss of data, database backups also need to stored offsite. Offsite storage protects a backup from physical damage or loss. A simple matter like a fire in the restaurant or theft of the server computer would require complete re-creation of the ordering menu and and all the financial records in the point of sale system would be lost.

Offsite backups are easy and inexpensive using removable media like a flash drive or using an online backup service.

No matter which method you choose, here are the files you need to back up:

  • Copy all the files in the C:Point of SuccessBackupPOS Data folder (these files contain the POS system menu setup and history for all the business functions supported by Point of Success)
  • Copy all the files in the C:Point of SuccessBackupSystem Data folder (these files contain system information, especially any report customizations done in Point of Success)

Now here’s why a backup is so important – In the event of a complete server failure it only takes a few minutes to install Point of Success software and restore a data backup onto a replacement computer. Problem solved!