What’s New

What's New in Version 5

The Best Version is Here!

New Features

Version 5 Point of Success has been completely revamped from the inside out. The same great software with a refreshed UI for a more simple, streamlined, and faster experience. The best version is here! 

Void and Finalize Payments

Accelerated payment workflow that streamlines taking payments

Keep more money in your pocket with

Dual-pricing example

New Training Mode

Newly Designed Ticket Monitor

Ticket Monitor

Additional Features

  • Improved Touch Screen Scrolling
  • Quickly switch between Closed and Open Tickets 
  • New “Show Tickets” module lets you see everything on one screen
  • Enhanced loyalty functionality for faster, smoother customer interactions
  • Performance improvements for streamlined functionality
  • Updated reporting for enhanced finance and production management
  • The ability to set up staff pins in Workstation Manager
  • The ability to reprint Till and Bank reports from Workstation Manager