Point of Success – Here for you!!!

Tough times call for tough decisions! A dream for many Americans is to own a business because ownership shows your community and others personal your drive and your ability to overcome challenges. In addition for many of us, our nation is protected from world realities, that others in the world find normal, such as outbreaks and scares that drive people indoors. Since the lockdown in many of our communities and states, we have seen two types of attitudes, those that will ‘wait it out’ and those that will ‘fight for everything they have’. If you are waiting this out, please consider changing your mindset.

We have seen awesome trends in our customer base. Those customers that have adapted to these times quickly are still producing 80% of the revenues they had in previous months and the lucky ones are doing better than before the crisis. If your business qualifies as one that can be open and serving the public then you should be doing just that. Remember the old motivational sayings…those who act fast are the winner! Now is your chance to set an example for your community and those who count on you. Follow the leaders and open your doors for online, takeout and curbside ordering. By doing so, you are telling the world that others can wait for subsides but you are going to provide now; for your employees, for your patrons; and for your personal drive that says ‘I can and will do this’.
At Point of Success, we are here to help you in every way we can. We are offering deferred payments on online ordering (get online at no cost) and we are supporting our merchants with extended hours at no cost. We are also getting the success stories from others and broadcasting them to everyone who will listen. Our new resources page lists valuable links to get loans and to help you survive. We are also giving away our consulting services to give you even more ideas on how to compete. Please, take a minute and visit www.pointofsucess.com – we are adapting just like you are. If no one else will lead, then we will! To us that is the point of success, pun intended.

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Restaurant POS Credit Card Processing

Process Credit Cards and Gift Cards Inside Point of Success

With Point of Success you can use the credit card processor of your choice. Select the processor that’s best for your business – Point of Success POSPay is our recommended processor and we also support FIS Worldpay.

No More Terminals!

Credit card sales are easier when your POS system has built-in credit card support. When you process credit cards in Point of Success, every computer on your network can be a credit card terminal. Credit card processing in Point of Success offers these advantages:

  • EMV chip compatible devices read card-present data
  • Require the last four digits of the credit card number to be keyed to reduce exposure to counterfeit cards
  • Verify cardholder address and validate card ID numbers to reduce fraudulent transactions and charge-backs
  • Preauthorize charges, then include tips in a follow-up transaction
  • Uses safe, encrypted Internet communication

Credit Card Data Security, PCI Compliance and PA-DSS Validation

Companies who accept credit card payments must be compliant with all applicable PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements. This includes using validated payment processing software, securing computers and the network where the software is used, and taking other measures to ensure a secure credit card data environment.

Point of Success Version 3.5 and above uses out-of-scope credit card processing technology. More information is available on the PCI Security Standards Council web site at https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/.

Restaurant Point of Sale Software Feature Comparison

Point of Success Version 4 Feature Comparison
General FeaturesPoint of Success StandardPoint of Success Premium
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Works for table service and counter service (quick service restaurants, table service restaurants, buffets, bars and more)
Control cash by tracking and balancing cash register tills
Limit access to sensitive features with security settings
Fresh List counts down limited quantity items
Change rounding for elimination of the Canadian penny
Export general ledger information to QuickBooks
Manage deliveries (delivery dispatch screen, service level color flags, delivery reporting, customer time commitment tracking, mapping)
Store customer information for marketing and quickly identifying customers for phone orders
Manager’s real-time information screen (up-to-the-minute statistics for number and amount of orders, estimated food cost, hourly labor cost, gross margin, clocked in employees)
Print box labels for delivery and carry-out orders
Control cash in delivery driver and server banks (drivers and servers hold their own payments are cashed out at the end of their shift)
Sell items from a restaurant’s retail department or gift shop (enter lookup code or scan bar code)
Quickly change prices on many products with a spreadsheet-style window
Change order entry background screens to customize image for a restaurant
House Accounts – Customers can charge orders to their account, Point of Success tracks account credit limits and sends account statements
Point of Success Version 4 Feature Comparison
Order Entry FeaturesPoint of Success StandardPoint of Success Premium
Touch screen order entry
Touch items on an order to edit or delete the item
Large, easy-to-read order entry buttons
Customize the order entry menu to fit your restaurant
Digital scale integration for items sold by weight
One screen pizza ordering (build a pizza, specialty pizza, sauce and crust selections, sizing on the fly, complex pricing all on one screen)
Combination ordering with upsizing
Basic discounts (amount or percentage off)
Advanced discounts (two for the price of one, buy x and get y free or discounted, target amounts, minimum order amount, maximum discount amount, quantity limits, discount an item when purchased in combination with other items, and more)
Specify each guest’s position at the table (also used to identify each person’s order on delivery or carry-out orders)
Customer receipt subtotaled by guest
Split a single order item between two or more guests
Coursing – Selective firing of order items to the kitchen
Recall the last order with one button press
Future orders (for large scheduled orders or catering)
Timed Happy Hour pricing with days and times
Tax can be included in the price of the item
Flexible pricing for partial pie pizza toppings
Point of Success Version 4 Feature Comparison
Restaurant Efficiency FeaturesPoint of Success StandardPoint of Success Premium
Transmit order preparation information to kitchen and bar
Reprint prep tickets and customer receipts
Print closing reports for cash register tills
Find open orders by customer name, order number or server
Accurately track cash drops, paid outs and over/short information
Total number of remote kitchen/bar printers supported36
Kitchen monitor (Also called kitchen display, eliminates the need for printing prep tickets)
Open food items (ask for price when entering order)
Product alert messages (gives immediate information about a product, like inventory information or a reminder to ask for ID on age restricted products)
Choose to print receipts only on selected orders (saves paper)
Enter and track the time an order is promised to a customer
Quick Pay payment tender option can be used to speed customer service
Point of Success Version 4 Feature Comparison
Marketing FeaturesPoint of Success StandardPoint of Success Premium
Print promotional message on customer receipts
Product sales achievement by staff report
Coupon redemption tracking
Stores customer birthday for birthday club promotions
Timed product pricing (automatically charge different prices for lunch, dinner or happy hour)
Lazy and lost customer reports and mailing labels
Top 50 business and residential customer lists
Point of Success Version 4 Feature Comparison
Delivery Features Point of Success StandardPoint of Success Premium
Color flag late orders and orders approaching promised time
View orders currently out with a driver
Dispatch and track deliveries
Warn on undeliverable addresses
Street name auto-complete (fill in remainder of street name after typing first few characters)
Automatic selection of delivery zone based on customer address
Different pricing for delivered products
Mapping for delivery
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