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Rnotify Communication Client Installation (RCC Install)

This page will have all the information and procedures required to setup RCC for a store so they can start receiving orders.


You can prepare the Mikogo client and locate the info for the store such as the restaurant URL. The Mikogo client should be in the Mikogo folder in all programs or in the (C:\Program Files) folder. If it is not on your computer, you can go to Mikogo.com and download the client.

On the Mikogo client, use the Support profile unless you have your own profile setup to View and Control. We want to control their computer, not let them see ours. Start the session with View and Control and then Mikogo should be ready.

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It is recommended to call before store hours so as to not get them during busy hours. You can ask if it’s a good time to do the install or when will be a good time when you call as well.

Setting up the setup

**Make sure you ask for a manager when you call and verify whether it is a good time to do a setup with them at this time before proceeding in this section.**

Ask them to open a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc. “Start Menu -> Run -> iexplore” works as well if they cannot find it or do not know how) and go to http://www.mikogo.com/ (or https://www.mikogo.com/ if the first did not work) and to Join a Session.

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Provide them with the Session ID on your Mikogo client and tell them to join session. It will have them download a file which we will run after it has downloaded. The file is just going to initiate the session so we can remote control their computer. Once they have downloaded the program and run it it should pop up a window asking whether to allow remote control. Have them click yes.

Ask them if they know which printer the ticket printer is on. Take note of it if they do so it will be easier to find later on. From there you can let them know you can call them back after you’re done with the install.

Getting the client and setup

To get the installer for the client, open up a web browser and go to gimmegrub.com/lpl.msi
Download it and run it. It might install other programs like .Net framework which may take some time.
**(while this is going on be sure to double check on gimmegrub that the email notification 2 is the only one that has the email address in there


because the first email notification does not work with ticket printers; you will find the email notifcation in the restaurant details at the bottom; also make sure the ticket printer radio button is chosen under the customize webpage).**


**Another thing to check for is the printer settings: you can find all the printers the computer is hooked up to from the control panel (go to the control panel from the start menu or use the run feature in the start menu to find the [control panel]->[either printers and other hardware or printers and faxes] and find the printer they want to use. then right click on the printer and pull up the printing preferences and go to the advanced tab and look to see if it has reserve 48 as part of the printer paper because if it does it will not work with our system. change it to something that has 77 X 1000mm for the ticket printer or the longest mm size available. (this is just how the printer will print out on the paper width and length-wise).**

After the install go to the [start menu]->[all programs]->[gimmegrub]->[rnotify communication client]. If [all programs] are not there then go to run: [c:\] and press enter to find the [program files]->[rnotify]->[rnotify communication client]->[rnotify clientconfig].

From here, fill out the restaurant’s info:
User name: url of the resturant (ex. For redbaronwest.gimmegrub.com, you’d put redbaronwest); password: (will always be) f66ab1c2


Click on the green [+] in the right middle section of the screen and on the pop up screen be sure to change the dropdown to .txt instead of the .pdf or else it will not work. Go to the [print] tab and make sure the checkbox is checked on ‘print this file’ and then choose the POS reciept printer from the drop down menu. Then click ‘ok’.

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When you come back to the configuration utility (clientconfig) be sure to check the checkbox the on the printer you just created; it will come up as a green check and then click ‘ok’

Go to the [start menu]->[all programs]->[gimmegrub]->[rnotify]->[rnotify communication client]->[polling service] and make sure it comes up on the bottom right hand corner of the screen in the task tray next to the time and date.



Finishing touches

Call up the store and let them know the setup is done. Ask to do a test order as well. You can also check that the store is showing up on Rnotify’s Heart Beat.