Adapting a ticket for an unsupported POS ticket printer and correcting slow ticket printing

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Point of sale ticket printers generally use old technology that does not work well with Windows font printing. To make a POS printer work at top speed, tickets must be designed using resident printer fonts.

Resident printer fonts can be used in the Point of Success report designer after following these steps:

  1. Install the Windows printer driver for the selected POS ticket printer on the computer the the Point of Success Office Manager is installed
  2. Open a ticket template in the report designer
  3. In the Design workspace, click File > Page Setup…
  4. On the Printer tab, select your POS printer and click OK

You can now use a printer font in your report. Drop down the font list in the report designer toolbar — Printer fonts will be displayed with a printer icon to the left of the font name

Note: Printer fonts are sized in characters per inch rather than points. The smaller the characters per inch, the larger the printed font. This is the opposite of Windows fonts. Windows fonts are sized in points, with the larger point size representing a larger printed font.

Point of Success is ready out-of-the-box to work with the printers on the published supported printers list. Supported printers will print fastest when the printer driver used to design a ticket template is installed (download the correct printer driver from the Knowledge Base) and the appropriate ticket templates are chosen in the Select Printing Templates window.

To adapt a ticket template for use with a POS printer not on the supported printers list, follow the instructions above, then select all the components on the ticket template (press Ctrl-A), and change the font of the selected items to a resident printer font.

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