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As with any business software, it is important to safeguard your Point of Success data files by making regular data backups.

In Point of Success, database backups are done with the Database Administrator program.

There are two type of backups – a data backup and a system data backup. Data backups contain your restaurant’s working information including the menu definition, customers, and order history. System data backups contain the contents of the System Data folder – Especially important are your report templates. If any of your reports have been customized (including ticket printing templates) it is important to keep copies of your System Data backups.

Data backups are found in the C:\Point of Success\Backup\POS Data folder

System Data backups are found in the C:\Point of Success\Backup\POS System Data folder

The most recent 50 backups made in each folder will be stored. Older backup files will be automatically deleted to preserve disc space.

Backups are made automatically each day and can me made manually when desired

Automatic backups are scheduled with the Database Administrator program. Both backup types include a default automatic backup schedule.

In addition to making a data backup, it is important to copy the backup data to removable media (like a flash drive or removable hard drive) and store the backup in an off-site location.

We recommend at least one off-site backup per week.

Restoring a backup is the process of reading a backup file and copying the contents of the data backup to the working Point of Success data folder. The Database Administrator program will perform a data restore from a backup of previous data. When you restore a backup, all the data in the current working database is replaced with the data from the backup. It is wise to make a backup of the current database before restoring any database backup.

Follow these instructions to restore a backup

  1. Be sure you have a copy of your current data before restoring a backup
  2. Copy the backup to be restored into the POS Data or POS System Data backup folder
  3. Go to Database Administrator > Data Backup
  4. Select POS Data or POS System Data in the Select Data Set list
  5. Select the backup you want to restore in the Data Archive list
  6. Click the Restore Data Archive button

Point of Success data files are a matched set — Always make a full backup rather than an incremental backup. The Point of Success Database Administrator program does this automatically.

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