Do Not Leave Pending Credit Card Transactions Overnight

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Pending credit card transactions that are not finalized by end-of-day will remain in Point of Success as a pending transaction indefinitely until you follow the process explained below.  Note that it is not possible to add a tip to these transactions.  It is extremely important that there are no pending transactions remaining before closing the business day.  In the event a pending transaction was overlooked, follow the steps below to close the transaction with no tip added to the order:

  1. Navigate to Office Manager>Tools>Setup Credit Card and Gift Card Options
  2. On the General tab, uncheck “Use Card Server to Process Credit Cards…
  3. Choose the OK button.
  4. Open Order Entry and Sign in
  5. Choose the View Tickets button. HINT:  Use the Show button to locate the pending tickets.
  6. Select the pending ticket and choose the Pay button
  7. From the green Pay window choose the Remove Payment button.
  8. Now that the payment has been removed, the order can be found under the Open orders.
  9. Locate and select the order.  Choose the Pay button.
  10. Apply the payment to close the order.
  11. Be sure to turn back on the integrated credit card processing by navigating to Office Manager>Tools>Setup Credit Card and Gift Card Options
  12. On the General tab, check “Use Card Server to Process Credit Cards…

When using NETePay credit card processing software, all credit card transactions are batched regardless of their status.
Note:  Vantiv Integrated will normally automatically batch all pending and closed transactions at 4:00 a.m. E.S.T. unless you’ve selected to turn off their Host/Initiated batching feature.  Contact Vantiv Integrated if you’d rather batch manually and select the “Manually close the credit card batch…” checkbox under Office Manager>Tools>Setup Credit Card and Gift Card Options.

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