Epson TM-T88III, TM-T88IV and TM-T88V printer driver selection and driver setup - Point of Success Epson TM-T88III, TM-T88IV and TM-T88V printer driver selection and driver setup - Point of Success

Epson TM-T88III, TM-T88IV and TM-T88V printer driver selection and driver setup

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In Point of Success Version 2.54 and above:

Use of the Epson Advanced printer driver required.

Obtain the correct printer driver from the Epson web site at

Printer Driver Installation

  1. Double-click the downloaded file to run the installer
  2. Accept the license agreement and click Next
  3. Choose Standard Setup and click Next
  4. In the Printer Configuration window click the Add button to select the printer to install
  5. Select your printer model Epson (TM-T88III or TM-T88IV or TM-T88V) Receipt
  6. Select the Port Type
    For parallel port: Select Create a Parallel Port, then select the port from the list of ports
    For serial port: Click Create a Serial Port
    Select COM: port
    Baud rate – Set to 9600
    Data Bits – 8
    Stop Bits – 1
    Flow Control – DTR/DSR
    Parity – None
    For Ethernet port: Select Create Ethernet Port and enter the IP address of the printer
  7. Click Next
  8. Review settings and click next
  9. Driver installation will complete

Printer Driver Configuration

  1. Open the printer properties window (Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes and right-click the printer you installed. In Vista select: Run as Administrator > Properties  in XP select: Properties
  2. Verify the version of the driver you have installed by clicking the Version tab. These instructions are for “Install Version APD ver 4.12”
  3. On the General Tab click the Printing Preferences button
  4. Click the Layout tab
  5. Drop down paper Size list and choose User Defined
  6. In Paper Size Name field enter “POS Receipt”
    Enter 76 for Paper Width
    Enter 3276 for Paper Length
    Click Save Paper Size button
    Click OK to close the user-defined paper size window
    Click OK to close the Printing Preferences window
  7. Click the Advanced tab
  8. Click the Printing Defaults button
    Click the Layout tab
    Drop down the Paper Size list and choose POS Receipt
  9. Click OK to close the Printing Defaults window
  10. Click OK to close the printer properties window

Note: If you have installed and configured the printer driver as instructed and still have problems printing receipts over 11 inches in length, follow these instructions to modify your Point of Success receipt template:

  1. Go to Office Manager > Reports > Receipts
  2. Right-click the template and choose Edit
  3. Click File > Page Setup
  4. Select your printer from the printer list
  5. Click the Paper Size tab
  6. Select POS Receipt in the paper size list
  7. Click the Paper Source tab
  8. Select Document[Feed,Cut] in the Paper Tray list
  9. Click OK to save the settings
  10. Click File > Save As to save the receipt template to a name you will recognize (Leave the name of the template as it is and enter the name of your restaurant at the end of the existing name)
  11. Complete the save and close the Report Designer window
  12. Remember to assign your edited templates in Office Manager > Tools > Select Printing Templates

Printing Template Selection

Receipt printing templates designed for this printer have the printer name “Epson TM-T88III” in the template name. For example, the customer receipt template designed for this printer is named “Customer Receipt (Epson TM-T88III).” Selection of printing templates is accomplished in the Point of Success Office Manager program in the Tools center. Click Select Printing Templates in the lower right corner of this window to assign the appropriate templates.