How To Copy A Menu From One Database Server To Another Database Server

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Be sure to check the program versions for both systems before you begin.

A common task is to copy the menu from an existing Point of Success Database Server to a new Point of Success Database server.  Typically this need arises when there is a new location for a restaurant chain and the existing menu at the original location is desired at the new location.

The required steps involve copying menu files located in a source folder of an existing installation to a target folder on the new computer.  Here are the steps:


  1. Navigate to C:\Point of Success\Data.  Arrange the data files in alphabetical order.
  2. Copy all files that begin with the word “Product” to a removable drive  There should be 11 or 12 files depending on how the menu was designed.  Typical file names include:  ProductCategory.idx, ProductMenu.dat., etc.


  1. Navigate to C:\Point of Success\Data
  2. Paste the 11 or 12 files mentioned above to the Data folder.  For an existing installation, the files will overwrite the existing menu files.  Any existing menu will be lost.

The software for the target (new) and source (old) computers should be using the same version of Point of Success. Where the target computer is using an older version of Point of Success, the target computer will need to be updated to meet the version of the source computer.

Transferring a menu from an older version of Point of Success to a newer version will require that a utility be run to ensure the menu will work with the target database server.  The utility is called “CreatePosData.exe  and can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Point of Success.

In lieu of using the CreatePosData utility, the Point of Success install program can be run again over top of the existing installation.  Be sure the menu has been transferred to the new database before running the reinstall. During the reinstallation, CreatePosData will automatically run as part of the installation process.

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