How To Handle Large Catering Orders That Require A Partial Payment

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Catering orders can be quite large.  Normally a partial payment right away (when ordered) is desirable.

Here are a few problems that occur with catering orders:

  • Normally when an order is partially paid, the till or bank holding the partial payment cannot be closed.
  • For credit card payments, the payment cannot be left in a pending status overnight.

Here is the proper way to handle catering orders:

  1. Accept a partial payment (usually by credit card) and be sure to finalize the partial payment.  (The order itself is still in a pending status but the partial payment is finalized)
  2. Pay the balance due using the ON ACCOUNT tender type or better yet, create a new tender button called “CATERING ON ACCOUNT” and use that tender type to close the order.
  3. When the day arrives to deliver the order and accept the final payment, pay the order using the PAY ON ACCOUNT button, located in Order Entry.
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