How To Move The Database Server To A New Computer - Point of Success How To Move The Database Server To A New Computer - Point of Success

How To Move The Database Server To A New Computer

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When it’s time to upgrade or replace the main computer  (the database server computer), there are 4 easy steps:

  1. Copy the Point of Success folder from the old computer to the new one and be sure to place it in the same location on the new computer – directly under the “C” drive.
  2. Turn off the old database server computer-very important as our software does not allow more than one working database server in the network at a time.
  3. Download and install Point of Success from our website.-be sure you have the correct download link before beginning this process.  Version 2, 3, 4 are found in different places on our website.  The links are not publicly available, so be sure to locate the proper link before turning off the old database server computer.
  4. Be sure to install all add on products before calling to register-time clock, scheduler, inventory, etc.

One the install has completed, you’ll be prompted to register the software. All registrations (except monthly subscription users) will need to call for a new unlock code for each product.
HINT:  For step 3 – Navigate to Office Manager>Help>About to determine the current version in use.   Office Manager>Help>Point of Success Updates will automatically open the software download page in a web browser.
NOTE:  Do not attempt to move the data after installation.  Assuming you did not read this in time, simply run the installation again after moving the data.   Why?- a version to data mismatch may occur when the data is moved after installation.  This mismatch may produce error messages why trying to run the program.

Another way to move database files between computers and migrate them is to follow these steps. This is provided as an alternative to the above steps.

You need to get the software and the data on the other computer.

  1. Exit all Point of Success programs on the original computer
  2. On the original computer, go to Start > My Computer > Local Disk C: > Point of Success. Copy both the Data and System data folders with their contents to removable media like a flash drive.
  3. Copy the Data and System Data folders into the C:\Point of Success folder that you create on the new computer.
  4. Turn off or disconnect the old computer from the network. Only one database server can be used on the network at any one time.
  5. Install Point of Success on the new computer. A database conversion will be done automatically if necessary.

You will need to re-register Point of Success on this new computer because the registration uses a unique computer ID code. If you try to use a registration code from the other computer you may be locked out of Point of Success until it can be registered on the new computer.