How to Perform a Database Repair

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Use the Database Administrator to repair data after a power outage.

A power outage or other event can damage the POS DATA set causing error messages.  While data damage is not the only cause for an error message, many error messages can be cleared by performing a data repair.

NOTE:  To avoid data error messages, our system requirements page states the following

Install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (also called a UPS or battery backup) for each computer, then connect computers, printers, displays and network equipment to the battery-protected outlets. A UPS protects against damage caused by power fluctuations and power failures.

To perform a data repair follow the steps below:

  1. Exit all Point of Success modules, exit Order Entry, Caller ID, Order Monitor, etc.
  2. From the server computer’s Windows Start button, navigate to Start>All Programs>Point of Success>Database Administrator.
  3. Once the Database Administrator Opens, choose the Data Maintenance tab.
  4. Choose the data set ‘POS DATA”.
  5. Choose the REPAIR DATA NOW button.

You will either see two scroll bars progressing as the data repairs or you will see an error message in the lower-left corner of the Database Administrator screen.  The error message will read “Exclusive Access is Required”.  This means that something (some process) is still accessing the database.

NOTE:  Sometimes it’s just as easy to restart the server computer and then follow the data repair steps.

Once the data repair has completed you will see a verification message in the lower-left corner of the Database Administrator stating “Data was repaired if necessary.”
Open Point of Success and try the same task again that created the error message to confirm the problem is resolved.

Here is a link to error messages displayed by the database server:
Arsenal Database Error Message List

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