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Network installation

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Software Installation

  1. Install the Point of Success CD (or launch the downloaded installation file) on the main computer on the network. This is the data host computer, which can also be called the server.
  2. Install any add-on products on the data host computer.
  3. Take the Point of Success CD or downloaded installation file to the first workstation computer. When the installer launches, it will automatically locate the data host computer and the Client Software Installation window will appear. Select the Point of Success components to be installed on this workstation computer. If the Client Software Installation window does not display, the database server on the main computer was not found. Check your network for proper functionality and attempt the workstation installation again.

Repeat this process until Point of Success is installed on all computers on the network.

Automatic Client Software Update Installation

When installing an updated version of Point of Success or any add-on products, installation is only necessary on the main (server) computer. Every Point of Success component checks the server to discover whether a newer version is available. If the server has a newer version, the program terminates, installs the update, then relaunches.