On Account Tender Type (House Accounts) - Setup and Use - Point of Success On Account Tender Type (House Accounts) - Setup and Use - Point of Success

On Account Tender Type (House Accounts) – Setup and Use

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In order to use the Account Billing or House Account feature, a few settings must be adjusted.  Follow the steps below to configure Point of Success for use with the Account Billing feature.

Setup and Configuration:

  1. Navigate to Office Manager>Customers.
  2. Double click/tap a specific customer for which you’d like to allow account billing.
  3. Navigate to the “Additional Information” tab.
  4. Check the “Use Account Billing” checkbox and set a credit limit, if desired.
  5. Choose the “Save” button.
  6. Navigate to Office Manager>Tools>Set Order Entry Options.
  7. Select the “Use Account Billing” checkbox.
  8. Choose the “Save” button.
  9. Navigate to Office Manager>Tools>Select The Tender Types.
  10. Make Sure the “On Account” tender type has a valid and active choice for the drop-down menu box to the right.  HINT: Clicking on the magnifying glass immediately to the right of the drop-down box will open a tender type list.  Be sure the “inactive” checkbox is NOT checked.
  11. Navigate to Office Manager>Tools>Customize the Main Menu Buttons
  12. Make sure the “Pay on Account” button is visible.

Normal-Everyday Use:  –  Once Account Billing is active.

  • Be sure to enter all orders using the Phone Order button so that the Customer List can be accessed.
  • The green Pay screen will now show the “On Account” button as a tender type.   NOTE: The button will only be active when the selected customer is allowed to charge their order-see step #4.

At The End of The Charge Period:

  • Navigate to Office Manager>Reports and run an Account Statement for each customer that has open charges.
  • Print then mail the statement to the customer.
  • Once the monies have been tendered, use the Pay On Account button from the main Order Entry screen to locate the customer and their orders.
  • Apply the payment to the customer’s open orders from the Pay On Account screen.