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Slow receipt printing

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There are many things that can affect printing speed:

  1. Be sure you are using the recommended printer driver.
  2. There was an unusual problem in an earlier version related to custom background images in the Order Entry program. If you have a customized the background with one of your own photographs, clearing the setting and re-importing the image will optimize it so that it is as small as possible.
  3. Serial printers are notoriously slow. Setting all the fonts on the ticket template to resident printer fonts will make it print as quickly as possible. Standard Point of Success ticket templates already have this setting. You can identify resident printer fonts by the printer logo that appears to the left of the font name when selecting a font in the report designer.
  4. Adding a logo to receipts can make printing slow. If you have done this, edit the template, remove the logo and test it. If the printing speed improves dramatically then that is your problem. Using a logo in .bmp format with the smallest possible dimensions and file size will optimize printing.