Steps To Resolve an Inaccessible (Locked) Ticket

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Error Message:  This ticket cannot be accessed because it is opened by another user

When an open order is improperly exited a lock will remain on the order prohibiting another user from accessing the order.

The solution is to restart the database server computer. Restarting the database server computer will remove all locks for all orders.

NOTE:  Restarting a workstation will not resolve the problem.  The database server computer must be restarted.

When an order is reopened or the payment window is open a lock is placed on the order to prevent another user from editing the order or taking a payment at the same time.  The lock is removed only when the order is exited properly.  Failure to exit properly will render the order inaccessible by all users.  The only resolution is to restart the database server computer.  During the restart process, all locks are removed from orders.

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