Tickets print a huge number of pages and will not stop

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First be sure you are using the correct template for the ticket you are trying to print. For example, don’t assign a customer receipt template as a prep ticket.

Edit the ticket template to assign the printer:

1. In Office Manager > Reports > Receipts right-click the template and select Edit

2. Click File > Page setup and select the printer you are using from the drop-down list. Save this setting.

3. Click File > Save as and replace the number in parenthesis at the end of the template name with the restaurant name so you will recognize it later.

4. Assign the edited template in Tools > Select printing templates.

If you test the template and get the same result you need to edit the ticket again to remove the printer control code.

Click to select the field as in the screen capture below, press the Delete key to remove it and save the edited template.

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