Unable to Open Point of Success Due To Invalid Registration

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When one of the following conditions exist, the user will be unable to access Point of Success.  The cause is invalid registration stored on the database server computer.  The conditions are:

  • Attempting to register using invalid information (Business Name, Serial Number, Unlock Code).
  • A Windows Update that substantially changes how Point of Success identifies the database server computer.
  • Time period to register Point of Success has expired.
  • There are multiple database servers in the network and the original database server has been deactivated by one of the other database servers.

NOTE:  There should NEVER be more than one database server in a network.  The existence of multiple database servers in a network is due to an improper installation and should be corrected immediately by deleting the additional database servers.  Point of Success utilizes the Arsenal Database server which runs as a service.

Additional Information:
When the “shut down” message occurs, the only solution is to delete the current registration information.  Once the registration information has been deleted, please call Point of Success to obtain new registration.  The registration files are located in either:  C:\Program Files (x86)\ADBServer folder or C:\Program Files (x86)\ADBServer Supporting Files.
The two files to delete are named:

  • ProductReg.dat
  • ProductReg.idx

NOTE:  Once the registration files have been deleted, access to the registration page will be restored.  In many cases the “Server ID” may have changed. We will need the new server ID (found on the registration page) in order to produce new registration information.

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