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Using a Scale With Point of Success

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Point of Success supports the following scales:

  • CAS PD-II (With the CAS serial cable part number 7880-PD0-4128 – Cable terminates in a 9 pin serial connector that will require a USB to serial converter if the connected computer does not have a serial port)
  • Avery/Berkel Weightronix 6720

Other scales that accept a “W” command (with a carriage return) for weighing then return the weight of the item will likely work with Point of Success but are not supported.  Other scales must only return the weight and not other information.
In short, Point of Success sends a command that includes the letter “W” with a carriage return to the scale.  The scale must understand this command and also must understand to return only the weight.

Generally, it’s best to stick to the scales we’ve tested and recommend since scales are programmed to accept varying commands and will output varying data along with the weight.

CAS PD-II Scale Emulation Mode Setting

Instructions regarding how to install and configure the scale for use with Point of Success can be found in the Point of Success User Manual located on the server computer.

In addition to the information found in the user manual, a Point of Success dealer advised that it was necessary to set the scale’s “ECR EMULATION MODE” to 5, in order for the scale to return a weight.

Please note that not every scale is compatible with Point of Success due to the varying level and mode of information output by the scale.  Scales listed on the system requirements page of the Point of Success Website have been tested and are compatible with Point of Success.