Using two cash drawers on one POS printer

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Point of Success supports up to two cash drawers per order entry workstation. Cash drawers must be connected through a point of sale printer.

POS printers normally offer one cash drawer port. To connect two cash drawers, an adapter is required. These adapters are made for specific POS printers and are generally not interchangeable. Contact the vendor from whom the POS printer was purchased for the appropriate adapter.

These steps are required to make two cash drawers work with one printer:

  • Plug the two drawer adapter into the cash drawer jack on the POS printer
  • Plug the cables from each of the two cash drawers into the appropriate jack on the cash drawer adapter
  • Enable cash drawer 1 and cash drawer 2 in the Point of Success Order Entry program’s Setup screen
  • Enter the kick codes for drawer 1 and drawer 2 (These codes are different for different POS printers — Search for Cash Drawer Code in the Point of Success Knowledge Base for more information)
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