What’s The Difference Between a Till and a Bank?

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  • A till is a physical drawer
  • Tills can be assigned to a specific individual or left unassigned-allowing everyone access.
  • Tills cannot be closed from other stations in the network.
  • A “drawer kick” command is sent to a printer to open the cash drawer-the printer must be connected properly to the DK port on the back of the printer or the cash drawer will not open automatically.


  • A bank assumes there is no physical drawer-typically the server has a money purse carried around on their person.
  • Banks must be assigned to a specific individual-they cannot be anonymous.
  • Banks can be opened, closed and reconciled from any station in the network.
  • Since there is no physical drawer associated with a bank, a till (drawer) will not open when using a bank.

To switch from using my bank to using the till, use the “Switch Till/Bank” feature located in Order Entry>Manager>Workstation Setup.

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