Windows 7 and Point of Success Subscription Registration

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When attempting to register a Subscription instance of Quatro on a Windows 7 machine you may encounter an error.  Open the Software License screen (Office Manager>Tools>Registration).   In the Message panel you might see  “REST request failed:  Error Getting Server Certificate”.  Do not worry.  This is a Windows 7 problem that is easily fixed.

Follow the instructions in Microsoft Article number 3140245:

Then, if all conditions listed in the article are met, install the EasyFix, located here:

ThisEasyFix patch will turn on the required TLS 1.2, which is turned off by default by Microsoft for Windows 7 machines.  The article explains the problem in more detail but again, it is an easy fix assuming all Windows updates are current on the machine.

Please note that since this issue is an issue with the Windows operating system, a qualified Windows technician or your Point of Success dealer can help.  Point of Success support will not be able to provide assistance with regard to this issue.

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