Zebra LP2844 and TLP2844 label printer driver selection and setup

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In Point of Success version 2.54 and above:

Use of the Zebra Designer printer driver is required. Contact technical support for the download link.

Download the driver file, then double-click the file to run the installer.

Printer Driver Installation and Configuration

  1. Select the language for the driver
  2. Click Next at the welcome screen
  3. Select Zebra EPL from the manufacturers list
  4. Select the printer model – Either Zebra LP2844 or Zebra TLP2844 from the printers list
  5. Select the port to which the printer is connected from the available ports list
  6. Select the label size of 1.12″ x 4.00″ – (2.86cm x 10.16cm) from the label size list
  7. Leave the other settings on the label setup window at their default setting
  8. Set the dispense mode to Cut Label
  9. Select the media type you are using
  10. Set media tracking to Use Label Gaps
  11. Finish the wizard

Printing Template Selection

Box label printing templates designed for this printer have the name “Box Label (Zebra 2844)” and can be used for either the LP2844 or the TLP2844 printer. The only label size supported for the printer is 1.12″ high by 4″ wide.

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