Can I Close a Till or Bank When There Are Pre-authorized Credit Card Transactions

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There are cases (such as a future order) where a credit card is pre-authorized when the order is taken but the actual finalization of payment won’t occur until the promise date and time-typically a few days later.

When a till or bank is opened, it’s a good idea to finalize all transactions before closing the till or bank.  One exception is a pre-authorized credit card transaction that will be finalized on a future date.

Point of Success will not allow a till or bank to be closed when there are “pending transactions” unless they are credit card “pre-authorized transactions”.

When you attempt to close a till or bank, there are two distinct and different messages that occur.  The message beginning with “NOTICE:  There are pre-authorized credit card payments that need to be finalized…” will allow the till or bank to close.  In contrast, the message that begins with “There are partially paid orders…” will not allow the till or bank to close.  These transactions must be fully paid in order to allow the till or bank to close.

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