Super Buttons

Super buttons are more complex because they incorporate the functions of other types of buttons and they add some more features of their own. Here are some of the abilities of super buttons:

  • Order a simple item as with an item button
  • Allow options to be selected and charged as with a submenu button
  • Allow modifiers to be selected and required as with a modifier list button
  • Allow options to be included, excluded and optionally changed as with an include button
  • Adds the ability to select a size on the fly
  • Adds the ability to have modifier line item charges listed on the order or simply totaled into the main item
  • Adds the ability to order a half and half pizza with specialty topping groups and modify the included toppings
  • Adds the ability for advanced pricing features like charging for the most expensive half of a pizza
  • Adds the ability to organize modifiers on the ticket

Super buttons are one of the most valuable features in Point of Success Premium! If you want to use a super button it’s best to watch all these videos even though you don’t serve the example menu item.