Menu and Setup Training

Point of Success order entry menus are highly customizable. Restaurants can design the look, layout and functionality of every part of the menu. From simple single-item orders to complex combinations and pizza ordering, Point of Success does it all. This training resource can help you become an expert in menu design to so you can get the most from your restaurant point of sale system.

How to Use This Training

This training is designed to be used to learn about all the functionality of the Point of Success Menu Designer. You can view all the training from start to end, or you can select individual segments with example menu items that closely match items in your restaurant’s menu. Some menu design concepts like the Super Button and Combination Button are easier to understand after working through all the related video segments.

If you have two computers you should use them! View the training content on one computer while designing your menu on the other. An extra laptop computer works perfectly for this.

Training videos are organized by category. Use the left sidebar menu to view each category.

Before starting training, download and print the supplemental materials so you can follow along. This document contains the sample menu used for training: